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FRIDAY, July 31, 2020 β€’ 5pm PST | 8pm EST

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Hosted by Joli Rx and featuring twelve hilarious, audience favorite comedians from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Dallas,  and more, π™π˜Όπ™ˆπ™‹π˜Όπ™‰π™π™‡π™”'𝙨 π˜½π™„π™‚ π˜½π™‡π™π™€ π˜½π˜Όπ™‡π™‡ brings you the best of the best of Blue Mic comedy, our racy, taboo-breaking weekly virtual Zoom comedy open mic. 

Surviving ten weeks of open mics with two weeks of juried elimination rounds, the comics on this line-up are fresher than Netflix, baby! Join us at π™π˜Όπ™ˆπ™‹π˜Όπ™‰π™π™‡π™”'𝙨 π˜½π™„π™‚ π˜½π™‡π™π™€ π˜½π˜Όπ™‡π™‡ and see what all this  Zoom comedy show hubbub is about!


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