Cut Your Set Tape!

Cut Your Set Tape!

Extract your entire set from any video recording, brand it with hot graphics, and dish it out to the internet at large with a RAMPANTLY Set Tape! **Yes, we can add multiple sets to the same reel. Please add $15 per set for each additional set. Got a discount code? Discount Codes are applied to the total price. 


For an additional $10, RAMPANTLY will post your edited tape on our Youtube page along with your choice of bio/links to help you amp up your organic hits. That's right, our Youtube page is becoming a library of the best of virtual comedy. Join us! We lift each other up. Email us at with your desired body text for the video description. If you choose this option, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the "DISCLAIMER" info section below. 



Do you run an event? Would you like to note that you give all of your performers the right to use their own sets from your taped recordings for this service? If so, we will gladly list your mic event here for added publicity! Email us at to let us know.



    These virtual comedy events are one big, long video stream Your set keeps getting better and better... Let us cut it out for you and edit it for you to share! Grow your following! Find gigs! Apply to festivals! Update your website with fresh, professional content. It all starts with your fresh cut set tape!

  • I CAN HAZ?

    Yes you can! Send us the URL to your show video, and let us handle the rest. We pinpoint your set, cut it out of the longer video, and produce it with a personalized intro/outro animation sequence (see examples.)


    1. Send/Share the original digital recording with us via email to (or) Provide a link to the location where the content is posted online.*
    2. Verify the date of the recording and How to spell your name.
    3. Note the time on the original recording when your set starts (!!!!)
    4. Consider if you'd like a compilation tape of numerous mics! We offer discounts for compilation sets. Check out the pricing for a compilation of 2-10 sets under "Product Options."


    We are unable to improve the quality of your audio/video from your original tape. That said, our intro and outro graphics will be super crisp, of course!

    *We are able to rip videos directly from Youtube/Facebook. However, all online content must be registered with a Creative Commons License (or) you must obtain written permission from the owner of the video for us to cut it for you. We know... It's weird... It's your intellectual property, right? Times are strange but also exciting in the world of digital propriety. On our end, we want to make sure everyone feels cared for. Please connect with the owner/publisher of the original video to ensure that you have their blessing to let us post your tape.

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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