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Rachel Rothenberg

HOST of The PandeMic!

& PRODUCER OF Dumbbroads

Strangers think...

I'm unfriendly, because of the eyebrows I was born with.


My neighbors think...

I'm a “screamer,” because I’m easily startled.


Small children think...

 I'm a baba yaga, because I eat them in the woods.

My parents think...

 I should use a pseudonym when I do comedy, because they don’t want the family name besmirched.

Fav indie comedy show?


Comeday 2020

Live Feed

I was a part of Sam D’Antuono’s Soliloquy Showcase at Wiseguys in SLC, a character sketch show in which I played Cloacina the Malodorous, Queen of the Sewers. I wore a gorgeous ensemble of fishing waders, a “soiled” toilet paper cape which trailed behind me, and, of course, a crown.


Queen Cloacina’s grand plan was to take over the civilization above ground by clogging all their plumbing with (improperly) flushed tampons she’d hoarded.

Remember your

first stand-up set?

I do not remember my first couple years of standup sets particularly, because I’d fully black out from anxiety every time I went onstage.


My potluck go-to...

Lamb daube,

a French stew slow-cooked in copious amounts of wine and seasoned with a bouquet of herbs and an orange peel. Lamb is the cutest, and thus, the tastiest of the meats.

"Laughter probably isn't the best medicine-But hey, it’s apparently the only medicine we’ve got until they develop a vaccine for the virus."


"Mae West was a saucy, smart broad, a brilliant comedy writer, and, of course, glamorous as f#ck."

Your comedy hero(ine)?

What else do you create beside comedy?

I create new insect life when

I breed exotic praying mantises.


Rachel Rothenberg created The PandeMic! on March 15th, 2020 in Salt Lake City, UT, and quickly expanded to include comedians from all over the US and the world. It has been called “extremely well-run,” “frighteningly strict,” and “surprisingly spicy for a Utah-based mic.” Rothenberg attributes The PandeMic!’s success to her uncharismatic hosting and stone-cold bitchy approach to the signup process. The mic runs every Sunday at 2 PM MST and every Thursday at 7 PM MST.

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WEDS. JULY 1, 2020

12:00a-11:59p EST


24-hr Virtual Stand-Up

Comedy Open Mic

Weds, July 1, 2020 • 12:00am- 11:59pm

Streaming to Facebook LIVE

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