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Hosted by Joli Rx and Streaming LIVE to a Zoom audience

Every Tuesday night at 7pm PST | 10pm EST.


About Us

Blue Mic is RAMPANTLY's cornerstone comedy show. Founded in May 2020 as a crash site for out-of-work comedians affected by the Covid pandemic, Blue Mic is the first virtual comedy open mic to ticket shows and pay its comics. Every comic who participates with Blue Mic  can invite audiences to the show for a commission of $1 /ticket for regular shows and $2-$5/ticket for special shows.


Send your audience to www.rampantly.la for tickets.


Starting on November 24, 2020, Blue Mic  will be returning to its "classic" format--two rounds of 4-min sets. Comics must be present for the first round of sets to perform a set in the second round.


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