Tell Your Girlfriend I Said, "Thanks"

Shameless 1

Tell Your Girlfriend I Said, "Thanks"

1 Thanks for not dying before you got here. 2 Which couldā€™ve happened. ā€“ Thanks for getting through the traffic. 3 I drove here, and on the way here I saw a bumper sticker on a car. 4 And it said, uh, it said, ā€œTell your girlfriend I said thanks.ā€ 5 Isnā€™t that a little personal for a bumper sticker, really? 6 A bumper sticker should be like, ā€œHey, Iā€™m in front of you, buh-baa,ā€ whatever, you know. 7 Not, ā€œhey, I fucked your girlfriend.ā€ 8 You really want that on your car all day for whoeverā€™s behind you? 9 ā€œTell your girlfriend I said thanks.ā€ 10 How does he know Iā€™m not behind him just getting mad, andā€¦ Crazy, taking it personal. 11 ā€œMotherfuckerā€¦ ā€ 12 I follow him home, I get out of my car in his driveway with a pipe. 13 ā€œWhat the fuck does that mean? 14 Thank her for what, exactly? 15 Wait a minute, you fucked my girlfriend? 16 Then you made that bumper sticker and found me in traffic and got in front of me? 17 Woo! Motherfucker." 18 And I just beat him to death with a pipe right there in his driveway, mm, mm! 19 And jerk off on his corpse. 20 Didnā€™t need that part... Didnā€™t need it. 21 The story was totally complete without the jerking off on the corpse. 22 Itā€™s too late.


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